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popen3,4 and SIGTERM

Zoran Bosnjak
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This simple script works with python2.1.1, but it does not work with any
newer version of python on linux. Do you think it is a bug? Where?

This program does nothing, it just suppose to end after 3 seconds,
but os.kill(...) does not kill the ping process. Even if I do it from
the shell, I need to use kill -9 <pid>.

With python2.1.1 it works as expected.


---- cut here
import os, time, signal, threading, string
from popen2 import Popen3, Popen4

pid = 0

def run():
global pid
f = Popen4('ping localhost')
pid =
print 'pid from thread', pid
while 1:
s = f.fromchild.readline()
if not s: break

t = threading.Thread(target=run)
print 'timeout'
print 'pid from main', pid
os.kill(pid, signal.SIGTERM)
print 'bye'

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