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how to make a custom python object?

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i want make a new object named 'vector' to my python release,
the 'vector' is most like a 'list', but have some number operatioins
such as add, sub, ect. i create the head file vectorobject.h based
on listobject.h, i create the src file vectorobject.c based on
listobject.c and intobject.c.
1 i had create PyVectorObject like this
typedef struct {
double* ob_item;
} PyVectorObject;

2 i had create the PyVector_Type like this
and initialize it in vectorobject.c like
PyTypeObject PyVector_Type = {
(destructor)vector_dealloc, /* tp_dealloc */
(printfunc)vector_print, /* tp_print */
0, /* tp_getattr
0, /* tp_setattr
0, /* tp_compare */
0, /* tp_repr */
&vector_as_number, /*
tp_as_number */
0, /*
tp_as_sequence */
0, /*
tp_as_mapping */

but it dosen't works, i can't declare the object and used it, who
can tell me how to do, thanks very much.

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