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RE: Find out if a host is alive

Robert Brewer
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If you can run code on both ends, check out Nicola Larosa's PyHeartBeat
in the Cookbook:

Robert Brewer
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From: Anand Pillai [mailto(E-Mail Removed)]
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 8:36 AM
To: (E-Mail Removed)
Subject: Find out if a host is alive

I would like to add a feature to one of my network programs.
The requirement is to find out if a server is alive by sending
it requests. I know of the standard ICMP ping, and searched
for python modules able to 'PING'. The only hit I got was Jeremy
Hiltons ping package, written for Python 1.4, and it does not
work with the latest Python versions (2.0 upwards).

Are there other ways of finding out (in a few lines of code)
whether a server is alive, apart from the ICMP protocol?

Thanks for your help.


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