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Why is ClientCookie/urllib2 using https?

Grant Edwards
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In the program shown below, all of the connections to the
servers are using port 443 and https (TLS protocol) -- both the
initial connection to and subsequent
connections to

It works, and I don't mind that it's encrypting the sessions as
well as the login, but I'd like understand why the connections
to "" are being done using
TLS to port 443 instead of raw TCP to port 80 as is implied by
the http: in the URL.

FWIW, it's a program to delete quarantined viruse-laden
messages from the server run by the Postini mail-filtering
service. Viruses can only be deleted 10 at a time, and when
you've got 7000 of them, that's a hell of a lot of mouse
clicks. When they're coming in 200-300 an hour, automating the
deleting process was the only reasonable solution.

import re,sys
import ClientCookie
import urllib,urllib2

postData = urllib.urlencode({

req1 = urllib2.Request("",data=postData)
rsp1 = ClientCookie.urlopen(req1)

req2 = urllib2.Request("")
rsp2 = ClientCookie.urlopen(req2)

while 1:
data =

m ='<form name=virus .*</form>',data,re.M|re.S)
if not m:
print "no virus form found"
vdata =

m ='Message 1 - [0-9]+ of [0-9]+',vdata,re.M|re.S)
if not m:
print "did not find message count"

r = re.compile('<input type="checkbox" name="msgid" value="([^"]*)">',re.M|re.S)
m = r.findall(vdata)

if not m:
print "no virus msgids found"

postData = urllib.urlencode({'submit':'Remove','disp':'M','ac tion':'change_Msgs'})
for msgid in m:
postData += "&msgid="+msgid

req2 = urllib2.Request("",postData)
rsp2 = ClientCookie.urlopen(req2)


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