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how can I use Berkeley DB XML 1.1.0 from Python 2.3 (on Windows) ?

Harald Massa
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I found Berkeley DB XML while searching for XML-Databases.

I want to use it from PYHTON - and I found in the
distribution. But... tries to import

from dbxml import *
from bsddb3.db import *

I do not have dbxml or bsddb3 on my computer ... using Python 2.3, I
think bsddb3 is superceeded by bsddb

but where do I get dbxml?

Googling gave me a some hits, but they all appeared to be other dbxml
modules than being connected to berkeley db xml

reading the FAQs pointed me to installation-instructions on MAC OS, they
were still dealing with installing bsddb3 ... as much I understand from
"python 2.3 what's new" - bsddb3 ist integrated. No word about Module /
package dbxml there, either.



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