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GUI versions using PythonCard are available

Ron Stephens
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Thanks, Tony, we long term newbies need to stick together )

I just updated a few PythonCard versions of three of the modules from
askMerlin, and posted them in a link right below the
command line program. The PythonCard version of in
particular is very easy and illustrates what these programs do. You
will have to install wxPython and PythonCard in order to use these, so
I provide links for that. I must say, creating these GUI's with
PythonCard was pretty simple, you might want to check out PythonCard.

On the other hand, command line programs have the advantage of
ultimate portatbility, they'll run anywhere Python runs.

The three GUI versions I posted are, (general
purpose) and, for choosing a programming language.

A good exercise for any rank newbie would be to code a new module or
class, for use in making decisions in any area in which the particular
newbie feels reasonably knowledgable (as for instance, I felt expert
enough about deciding what to eat for lunch to code )))

Everyone has a few areas of expertise.

The programs are at

Now, I am off to Cape Cod with my wife. Next Tuesday is our 25'th
wedding anniversary and we are celebrating with a four day weekend on
the cape.


Ron Stephens
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