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RE: Comments on Python Redesign

Skip Montanaro
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Bengt> I guess it wouldn't be too hard to set up a cgi url on
Bengt>, if desired, to do two-step redirection -- i.e., you'd
Bengt> pass it a small string and it would look up the URL and generate
Bengt> a minimal html page with a plain url link in it, e.g.,

Not difficult, no. I guess I lost the original thread (in my head at
least). What's the Python benefit here? If a CGI redirector was installed
on I'd want some assurances that it couldn't be subverted.
The only way I can see that happening is if it only redirects to a small set
of well known (to the webmasters) sites:,,,, etc. Americans are a litigious bunch.
If some evildoer generated a tiny url using your proposed feature which led
to a porn site and posted it where young kids could find it, I doubt you'd
have to wait long before some outraged parent sued the PSF.

With 280 million people there are bound to be a few assholes.


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