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Building 2.3 with tkinter on Linux

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I was able to unearth some ancient documentation suggesting Modules/Setup
has to be edited by hand (after ./configure) to compile tkinter. The short
info at doesn't mention
this, instead it is a bit contradictory first stating that tk is part of
python and then that Unix users must download and build Tcl and Tk (which I
did for the latest versions 8.4.4). In all cases, I wasn't able to use
tkinter with the minimal ./configure;make procedure, even after building
tcl/tk, despite a variety of tk-related files in my lib and include
directories. Instead, manually editing Modules/Setup did the trick. Have I
missed any shortcuts or other obvious piece of documentation?

I've also found it a bit strange that the default build, despite fully
functional debugging facilities (AFAIK), would show as "Debugger not
functional" in Komodo. In another apparent contradiction, I was able to
follow the debugging tutorial in Komodo. This didn't change even when I
tried ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-pydebug.
Any insights most appreciated.

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