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Re: Bayesian kids content filtering in Python?

Paul Paterson
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"John J. Lee" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> if somebody (children, employees, and other people not to be trusted
> is actually trying to work around your barriers, there are always
> likely to be false negatives: sites of a flavour that you've never
> seen before that you'd wish would trigger your defences, but won't.

I agree - this kind of technology would work best as a filter rather, than a
barrier, where you are trying to reduce the number of negative experiences
rather than try to block delibrate attempts to circumvent it.

> If the filter has never even seen that *kind* of page before, it can't be
> expected to work. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the
> case at hand), there are many kinds of pages that people want to
> censor, and you're not going to block them all. It may work well most
> of the time, but is that enough? What's needed here, perhaps, is an
> open effort to train on categories of things that people would like to
> block.

But who would volunteer to visit all those kinds of sites

> That might be enough, since I suppose *most* things you're
> trying to block, in the case of kids, are not actually targetted at
> them, so arms races are not likely to develop.

Agreed. In fact, there may be an alternative use where you have it watch
your daily surfing habits and then combine it with a web spider to go out
and find other site/articles which you might like to read. For this kind of
application, false positives and negatives would not be as serious.

Too many interesting things to try, not enough time!


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