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pmw menu item's 'command' attribute

Tina Li
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I'm new to Python and pmw, and I might be missing something obvious,
but...say I created a cascade menu 'Size' and am adding menu items:

for size in ('tiny', 'small', 'average', 'big', 'huge'):
self.menuBar.addmenuitem('Size', 'command', 'Set size to ' +
command = lambda:'change size ' + size),
label = size)

where cmd is a class executing the command string being passed in. The
labels show up correctly, but when I click on any of the size items, the
command is always

change size huge

So it seems that when the lambda function is assigned to 'command' as a
function reference, the argument string isn't evaluated right away. When, the variable 'size' is then looked up, which stays at 'huge' in the

I don't know if I've understood things correctly. In any case, is there a
way to make it do what it's supposed to do (i.e. the commands correspond to
the their individual size label)?

Thanks in advance!


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