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String find and replace

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Thomas GŁttler wrote:
> I once wrote a replace recursive script. Maybe it helps you:
> thomas

Yes that's very helpful, but a bit too complex for me at this point in
time. Here is the script that I put together from all of the responses I
recieved from the list:

#Thanks to comp.lang.python
import os, string
print " "
print "************************************************* *****"
print " Three Easy Steps to a Recursive find and Replace "
print "************************************************* *****"
print " "
x = raw_input("1. Enter the string that you'd like to find: ")
print " "
y = raw_input("2. What would you like to replace %s with: " %x)
print " "
setpath = raw_input("3. Enter the path where the prgroam should run: ")
print " "
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(setpath):
fname = files
for fname in files:
inputFile = file(os.path.join(root,fname), 'r')
data =
search = string.find(data, x)
if search >=1:
data = data.replace(x, y)
outputFile = file(os.path.join(root,fname), 'w')
print "Replacing", x, "with", y, "in", fname
print " "
print "**********"
print " Done "
print "**********"
print " "

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