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pyGTK with wxPython

Charlie Kim
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hi all.

I made gnome applet with pyGTK and gnome application with wxPython.
When I tried import wxPython application in pyGTK applet it crashed with

GThread-ERROR **: GThread system may only be initialized once.

I think it is because I'm trying import wxPython modules in pyGTK applet.

Do I have to modify the application's sources against pyGTK?
or any solution?

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Nicholas Wieland
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-Charlie Kim<>:
> snip >
> Do I have to modify the application's sources against pyGTK?
> or any solution?

Yes, you have to modify the source.
Wx is a different system, it does use Gtk but without integrating in
the GNOME desktop architecture (but sharing the wonderful look & feel
It's not a matter of pyGTK or wxPython, for a gnome-applet you need
gnome-python (you have imported gnome.applet ...).
I know that the author of wxPython follows this group, maybe he has
another solution ...

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