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URL emulator (sockets question)

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Hi All,

I writing a program to emulate a URL (essentially a very simple raw data proxy). The client should always think that it is only talking to the proxy and the proxy acts like the url it's emulating.

My *immediate* problem is how do I tell the client that the web server has finished sending?

I know that when you recieve 0 bytes from the web server, it means that it is done how do I indicate the same thing to the browser? I've tried various combos of 'shutdown' and 'close' but the browser (Opera) indicates a premature disconnection.

I was thinking of using it as a proxy between my cellphone and some wap sites I'm developing/debugging. I don't like to type out long urls on the phone and I figured this would be a good learning experience.

--- Code Start ---
import socket
import sys
import select
import re

IMG = re.compile(r'(src="[^"]+")')

class ProxyServer:
def __init__(self, port, url, rmtport):
self.port = port
self.url = url
self.rmtport = rmtport
self.socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.clients = {}
self.count = 0

def start(self):
self.socket.bind((socket.gethostname(), self.port))

while 1:
self.clisocket, self.clientaddress = self.socket.accept()
self.returnIP = self.clisocket.getsockname()
self.count += 1
except KeyboardInterrupt:

def proxy(self):
websvr = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
websvr.connect((self.url, self.rmtport))

self.request = ''
self.response = ''

f = file("" % self.count, 'w')

while 1:
r, w, e =[self.clisocket, websvr],
[self.clisocket, websvr], [], 30)
# if client requests something
if self.clisocket in r:
request = self.clisocket.recv(1024)
f.write("\n--RAW REQUEST\n%s" % request)
self.request = self.transreq(request, f)
self.done = False
# if websvr writable and have someting to send
if websvr in w and self.request != '':
self.sendit(websvr, self.request)
self.request = ''
# if websvr readable and hasn't returned ''
if websvr in r and not self.done:
response = websvr.recv(1024)
if response == '':
self.done = True
self.response = self.transresp(response, f)
# if client writable and last response wasn't ''
if self.clisocket in w and self.response != '':
self.sendit(self.clisocket, self.response)
self.response = ''
# if self.done:
# What should I put here??
except socket.timeout:

self.count += 1

def sendit(self, sock, data):
l = len(data)
sent = 0
while sent < l:
sent += sock.send(data)
data = data[sent:]

def transreq(self, request, f=None):
request = request.replace("%s:%s" % self.returnIP, self.url)
return request

def transresp(self, response, f=None):
if f is not None:
f.write("\n--RAW RESPONSE\n%s" % response)
response = response.replace(self.url, "%s:%s" % self.returnIP)
response = IMG.sub('', response)
response = response.replace("\r\n0\r\n", "\r\n")
return response

if __name__ == "__main__":
wapsite = ""
svr = ProxyServer(9000, wapsite, 80)

--- END ---

Any suggestions/tips? Thanks,

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