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RE: python spam filter: random words?

Tony Meyer
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> I know fighting spam is like fighting global worming,

The images that global worming conjures up are delightful

> Has
> anyone tried using that feature in antispam filters? Since
> python is the only lang I am more or less fluent in as an
> amature scripter, I was wondering if anyone in this goup has
> comments on this idea.

I suggest you check out spambayes, which is a (the) bayesian (of sorts) spam
filter implemented in Python. It considers these 'words' just like any
others, which means that they are likely to have no influence over the
classification of the message.


> Also, is it reivial make a python
> script filter executable from a generic mail program like OE,
> or NS messenger?

This is really up to the MUA. SpamBayes includes a nice example of an
Outlook plugin that might be of interest.

> I am also wondering why spammers add that
> stuff to their subject lines anyway.

To fool simple checksum type filters, probably.

=Tony Meyer

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Brandon J. Van Every
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Tony Meyer wrote:
>> I know fighting spam is like fighting global worming,

> The images that global worming conjures up are delightful

Hey, Seattle is a decided beneficiary of global warming! But to be honest,
this summer is just warm enough. Time to turn off the dial. Or, could we
selectively turn it on for the winter? Even though last winter was pretty
good, I'd like to get rid of more gloom.

Dreaming of a beach in Canada....

Brandon Van Every Seattle, WA

20% of the world is real.
80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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