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Yet Another ... ImportError: No module named sax

Adam Jack
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I am on W2K w/ ActiveStart Python 2.2.2 build 224. This was working, but
seems to have stopped and won't start again...

Yesterday I read Python tutorials/manuals and today I am tinkering with my
first program & hacking somebody else's program. I was putzing along quite
happily and then I created an Immediately things starting going
wrong, see below, so I renamed it to but I still get the error.
I've cleaned up any *.pyc files I see, but it seems that somehow I've taught
my environment about my xml (which no longer exists) in favour of the system
one. Is this possible? I've not changed my path or anything. Could this be
some sort of registry/optimisation thing?

:\data\OSS\jakarta-gump\python>python gump/
raceback (most recent call last):
File "gump/", line 71, in ?
from gump.conf import *
File "F:\data\OSS\jakarta-gump\python\gump\", line 94, in ?
from xml.sax import parse
ImportError: No module named sax

Any thoughts on how I make this work again?



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