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Fatal Python error: unknown scope for...

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:map ,p :!python % <cr>
C:\COMMAND.COM /c python
Fatal Python error: unknown scope for super in __init__(14) in
symbols: {'multirandrange': 264}
locals: {}
globals: {'multirandrange': True}

abnormal program termination
Hit any key to close this window...
(also have mp for PyChecker, which failed miserably with the same message)

I must have done something *really* bad, I said to myself. Yet IMHO I
didn't (just paste'n'run):

class Weapon(Item):
def __init__(self, name, category, rarity=COMMON, weight,
damdie = (1,6), tdamdie=(1,4), material=None, effects = (),
todam_f = lambda: multirandrange(-1,2,3)):
super(Weapon, self).__init__(name, weight, damdie, tdamdie, rarity,
material, effects, todam_f=todam_f)
self.category = category

Apparently, removing todam_f fixes the FPE, as well as making the code
syntactically correct (moving rarity after weight.) Seems like something
got overlooked in the parser?

Almost forgot: Python 2.3/win98

Pozdrawiam, Baczek
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On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:53:15 +1000, Mark Hammond wrote:

>> def g(a=None, b, c=lambda: None): g
>> """Fatal Python error: unknown scope for g in g(1) in"""

> Yep, I still get this with current CVS Python. You should open a bug.


Pozdrawiam, Baczek
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