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Classes in Python

Wiebke Pätzold
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On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 13:36:08 +0200, Peter Otten <(E-Mail Removed)>

>Wiebke Pätzold wrote:
>> So I think that something is wrong with line:
>> vf = vw.filter(PatternFilter("Ge.*"))

>The PatternFilter class looks OK now, and so does the line you suspect to be
>wrong. Are you sure there are any records in the database with Nachname
>containing Ge (and not GE or ge)?

That was it, why the program did not run.
There I could have lookedl for a long time for the error.
Thank you very very very much that you help me with this task. It was
very difficult for me because I am very new in Python.
>The only difference I could spot:
>- with the function you are looking for Nachname(n), that contain "ra"
>- with the class you are looking for Nachname(n) that contain "Ge"

>Being no regular expressions expert, I think that appending ".*" here has no
>effect for your purpose (If you want Nachname to start with Ge, the
>expression should be "^Ge").
>> But here I get an error: returned exit code 0.

>What's that? Please cut and paste the exact output.


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