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V.I.C. update: (written in python)

Timothy Rue
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The current state of the Virtual Interaction Configuration besides
being listed on is available in an

It now includes a stand alone ID command and both IQ and ID now have an
"-e" flag to execute what they output.

For those who don't know:

Computers are about taking complexity and automating it so to make it
easy for people to use and reuse. But people in doing anything, computer
wise or not, make use of nine action constants - start/stop things, keep
track of where they are in doing things, get input, determine where they
get input from, determine where they send output to, do things one step
at a time, look up the meaning of things, identify things and put
constraints on what they look up and identify.

The general automation tools of the V.I.C. project is to provide these
nine action constants in a form of computer functionality so people from
hard core coders to "just opened the box" new users can automate the
things they will. I.e.:

Using just the stand alone IQ command and simple file format, the user
can create a file(s) that contains their favorite command lines along
with a descriptions of what they do and even give each their own name,
like a dictionary of their favorite command lines and scripts. Using IQ
to look at the contents of the file in an index like summary, or with a
specific focus on descriptions, or even a narrow focus of executing one
specific command line or script. IQs versatility goes beyond this but
integrated with the other commands the versatility becomes dynamic and
limitless in general automation where even traditional coding can be

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