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Re: 2.3 win installer

Timothy Martens
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Well - thanks for the suggestions everyone, but I still have had no
luck. I tried redownloading with the same results (installer freezes at
1% when it's copying the first file to c:\python32\UNWIZ.exe (unistall
wizard I assume, how ironic). I don't have any virus protection running
currently. The only thing I can think that may be interfering is my
firewall software (tiny forewall 5.0), which also monitor's windows
activity, but I did quit it and made sure to shut down it's processes.
The more I use it, the more I'm thinking about asking for my money back
and reverting to their free 2.0 version.

I give up, BUT there's a new box on the way from Dell, so I'll give it
shot on that one.


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Irmen de Jong
Posts: n/a
Timothy Martens wrote:

> Well - thanks for the suggestions everyone, but I still have had no
> luck.

Try booting in 'safe mode' and installing again.


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