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Re: Python..Tkinter..PYTHONPATH..

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      07-30-2003 Removed) (q) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> Hi...
> I have a Linux RH8.0 system. I installed Python2.2 from the 8.0 ISO
> updates. I installed the Tcl 8.3.3 from the Tcl site... I also
> installed the tcllib 1.0.
> My goal is to get viewcvs to run. However, when I check to see where
> the system thinks things are, the PYTHONPATH env var is blank.
> echo $PYTHONPATH --> produces nothing....
> So, can anyone tell me what it should say? Can anyone shed any light
> as to how this var is populated, and why it might be blank....? Can
> anyone suggest what file I need to alter/should modify to have this
> properly set whenever a user logs into the system....?
> Thanks
> Bruce
> (E-Mail Removed)

On my Mandrake-9.1 I have the same non-existing $PYTHONPATH, however
everything works fine (as far as I have tried), so I think this
variable is not really needed. I must admit that I don't know too much
about that. If you want to create a PYTHONPATH I think you will have
to edit /etc/.bashrc , just add something like "export PYTHONPATH
<path>" . To tell the truth I am not quite sure about the details,
there may be also rc-files in the home directories that will overwrite
the global settings from /etc/.bashrc (btw, that is the file's name on
my mandrake box, maybe on RH the filename might differ).
Maybe your problem is not PYTHONPATH at all, but sys.path in python.
I am sorry that I cannot give you better help, I am just a newbie.

Good luck

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