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Using Cisco 2500 Power supply in 2600 Router

Kirill Ponazdyr
Posts: n/a

Does anyone knows if placing the 2500 AC Power supply (34-0625-02)
into the 2600 Series router is something which can be done without
worrying about the stability of the 2600?

I mean, on the first look it does work pretty well, all what needs to
be done is one extra hole in the PS enclosure and there you go, router
boots up, even with WIC and NM slots fully loaded. But I still wonder
if the 2500 PS would be able to sustain the wattage load of 2600 with
different NM cards over the longer period of time.

In theory it should have problems, since 2500 series are specified at
max 40W and 2600 at max 72W, but on another hand, the power supply
which was originally in our 2600 had "MAX 50W" written on it in large,
red, bold letters.

Does anyone have long term expierences with using 2500 PS in 2600


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