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Re: Reading Keyboard Scan Codes

Francois Pinard
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[François Pinard]

> [...] I do not know if reading scan codes or key codes is easily done
> within X, nor on MS-Windows. I would like finding or discovering recipes
> in this area. So, please share your tricks in this area, if any!

[Bjorn Pettersen]

> I'm assuming you can use the msvcrt module:

> >>> def getch():

> ... import msvcrt
> ... while not msvcrt.kbhit(): pass
> ... return msvcrt.getch()
> ...
> >>> getch()

> 'a'
> >>>

This does not give scan codes (or key codes of some sort). I would like
being able to detect, for example, if Ctrl is being held while Keypad-5
is entered, or any other such (possibly unusual) combination of keys.

François Pinard

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