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Zlib problem on Windows XP??

Kevin Ollivier
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Hi all,

When using the latest Python 2.2.x releases as well as the Python 2.3
betas and rc1 on Win XP, I cannot import zlib. When I try, I get an
error about the dynamic module not having an 'initzlib' symbol. The
strange thing is that this problem seems to be XP-specific - on Windows
2K I do not get this error. I've installed Python 2.2.3 on two XP
machines with the same results. I installed the latest beta on one of
the machines, but the results were the same. (Haven't tried RC1 yet.)

Does anyone else see this problem? I thought it was something I had
done at first, but I haven't built Python myself and the error occurs
right after installation, so I'm stuck as to what could be happening.



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