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(mini-)ANN: Document for Python LaTeX setup

Dave Kuhlman
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I've written a document about how to set yourself up for
processing documents with the Python LaTeX documentation system
and also for reStructuredText-to-Python-LaTeX translation.
You can find it here:

The Python LaTeX "Documenting Python" system is great. Thanks to
Fred Drake and others who worked on it.

Comments are welcome.

- Dave

Dave Kuhlman Removed)
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I only found one.
>From: Dave Kuhlman (E-Mail Removed)
>I've written a document ...

2.1 Step 1 -- Install the Python Source
You will the source distribution for Python...

Thanks Dave, from your target audience (dare I speak for us all)
for the Great job. This is just what I needed.

Ray St.Marie
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