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Re: Co-routines

Alan Kennedy
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      07-17-2003 Removed) wrote:

> I want to execute these functions in
> "lock-step", so that the output looks like:
> 1-1
> 2-2
> 1-2
> 2-2
> 1-3
> 2-3

Have you made a mistake in this output? Should it be this?


If yes, how about this?

import itertools

def seq(which, iterable):
for i in iterable:
yield "%d-%d" % (which, i)

times = [1,2,3]

seq1 = seq(1, times)
seq2 = seq(2, times)

for v1, v2 in itertools.izip(seq1, seq2):
print v1
print v2

If you want to generalise the number of iterators, how about this?

def lizip(iterables):
iterables = map(iter, iterables)
while True:
result = [ for i in iterables]
yield tuple(result)

def seq(which, iterable):
for i in iterable:
yield "%d-%d" % (which, i)

y = [1,2,3] ; max_x = 5

iters = [seq(x, y) for x in range(1, max_x+1)]

for vertslice in lizip(iters):
for v in vertslice:
print v

Note that these examples don't use "coroutines". Instead they use
python generators, which are classified as "semi-coroutines".

alan kennedy
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