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parsing file

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I am new here and so in python
I am trying to make a script for extracting (parsing?) some values from
a file and write them into an output
i thought to follow this example (cookbook):

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, sys

nargs = len(sys.argv)

if not 3 <= nargs <= 5:
print "usage: %s search_text replace_text [infile [outfile]]" % \
stext = sys.argv[1]
rtext = sys.argv[2]
input = sys.stdin
output = sys.stdout
if nargs > 3:
input = open(sys.argv[3])
if nargs > 4:
output = open(sys.argv[4], 'w')
for s in input.xreadlines():
output.write(s.replace(stext, rtext))
indeed this search and replace the text, so I am thinking to take off
the code part about the replacement and to add something else. may you
give me some suggestion? sorry if it looks like a newbie question....if
it so just ignore it


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