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Re: newbie question: ImportError: No module named Numeric

Harry George
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rmachne <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> Hi there,
> Sorry, if there is a newbie list or this question is answered in tutorials
> - I tried but without succes - here is my question:
> Using linux,
> I need the 'Numerical Python' package, and I installed it on my local
> computer (not with the other packages in /usr/local/...) using
> ~/programs/Numeric-23.0>python install --home=/scratch/raim
> but now the Numeric package / module can't be found:
> ~/programs/Numeric-23.0/Test> python
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "", line 2, in ?
> import Numeric
> ImportError: No module named Numeric
> Exit 1
> I couldn't find out which path variable to change or add. Can anyone
> help?
> ( works fine when called from within the lib folder with
> best
> rainer

You can set an env variable:
export PYTHONPATH=/scratch/raim
(or whatever your shell syntax is)

This adds the path to your normal defaults.

You can also do this 'export' in a shell script which runs the
application. This is useful if you have several variants of a given
module, and want to use one or the other in a specific case.

-- Removed)
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