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robot programming game in python

Arnaud Delobelle
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Hi all,

I have written a little while ago in Python a game whose aim is to
program a (or several) robots so that they move around in a maze and
collect some flags. They only have a limited amount of instructions at
their disposal (depending on the level). It is meant to be an
introduction to two things:

- programming

- boolean expressions

At the moment I have written the `maze engine' and `maze rendering'
classes and a level editor/level player making use of those
classes. It needs Python >=2.2 (new style classes), Tkinter, and the
Python Imaging Library.

Now (I hope it is not inappropriate to post this here) I'd really like
to get some feedback and criticism before I clean it up and try to
enhance it, as I happen to have lots of free time these days. I'm
having trouble finding people around me who have python

Description of the project (24kbytes):

The project (64 kbytes):


$tar zxvf pytobor.gz (or any other way)
$cd pytobor0.5.1

There are a few (simple) sample levels called level0.rob to level7.rob.
Thanks for any feedback (in private!).

Arnaud Delobelle
d e l o b e l l e AT b l u e y o n d e r . c o . u k
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