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Several __getstate__ methods

Thomas =?ISO-8859-15?Q?G=FCttler?=
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I use ZODB3. I want to pickle parts
of my database and import it on a different system.

Since, as far as I know, ZODB uses the __getstate__ method
for pickling the objects.

For my export, I want to ignore some parts of my objects.

If I will change __getstate__ I am in trouble because Zope
uses it.

Using a global variable in __getstate__ to see if I am in
"zope-getstate" or "my-export getstate" mode is dangerous, since
the application is multithreaded.

I thought about using a dict which holds the variable for each thread.

What other solutions are possible?


class MyClass:
def __init__(self, root)

I want to ignore the reference to root, since I want to import the
object into a new root.


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