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anything new on the ternary operator?

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What's the current status on the ternary operator that may or may not be
added to python. Haven't heard much about that since the vote was announced
for a couple of months ago. What's the best way to follow that dicussion?
Or are we just waiting for the developers to make their decision?

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Sean Ross
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From Guido's EuroPython 2003 "State of the Python Union" slides

Conditional Expressions
- Vote in March
- (if C: x else: y) won the vote
- But not by a landslide
- Now in Filibuster mode
- When in doubt, don't change it
- Competing forces:
- feature bloat
- handy feature

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(if C: x else: z)

Was this the winning syntax? I think I saw it somewhere without the
parentheses, in something written by GvR. This syntax would have been great
without the parentheses. A bit messy with them, especially when they really
don't add any readability, like this
return if C1: x elif C2: y else: z

Why are the parentheses neccessary (and are they really)?

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Erik Max Francis
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Tor wrote:

> (if C: x else: z)
> Was this the winning syntax?

Best way to answer this is to just read PEP 308:

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