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Re: Clever One Liners

holger krekel
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Curly Joe wrote:
> I agree with you, especially since the compiler, in
> most cases, must break everything down into single
> steps anyway. Take for instance a very simple
> example:
> x = a + b/c
> The compiler would execute this as:
> x = b/c
> x += a

to be more precise, the compiler would *compile*

x = a + b/c

to some bytecode like

LOAD_FAST 0 (a) # get var and put on valuestack
LOAD_FAST 1 (b) # get var and put on valuestack
LOAD_FAST 2 (c) # get var and put on valuestack
BINARY_DIVIDE # take 2 stack values and put
# the devision of them on valuestack
BINARY_ADD # take 2 stack values and put
# the sum on the value stack
STORE_FAST 3 (x) # store last stack item into "x"

and the interpreter would execute this bytecode.

> Michael Chermside wrote:
> I'm not picking on you in particular, there have been
> several people
> doing this lately, but I'd like to ask folks to please
> lay off the
> quest for one-liners.

What about going for writing bytecode-assembler instead of
language-level oneliners ?



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