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Re: functors

Bruno Desthuilliers
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Tom Plunket wrote:
> How can I create a functor object in Python?
> What I want (being a C++ coder <g>), is to be able to create an
> object that I is callable.

__call__ is your friend.

> The following is my attempt, but it
> doesn't work:
> class Countdown:
> def __init__(self):
> self.callback = None
> def SetCallback(self, time, callback):
> self.callback = callback
> self.timeRemaining = time
> def Update(self):
> if self.callback is not None:
> self.timeRemaining -= 1
> if self.timeRemaining <= 0:
> print "Callback fired."
> self.callback()
> self.callback = None
> class SomeClass:
> def __init__(self):
> self.countdown = Countdown()
> self.countdown.SetCallback(30, lambda s=self: s.Callback)

This is not the same problem as making an object (ie a class instance)
callable. Here you just want to use an instance object as callback function.

Functions in Python are first-class objects, so you don't need this
lambda stuff. This should work (I tried a simplified version...):

self.countdown.SetCallback(30, self.Callback)


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