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PortChannel vs L3 load sharing

Jeff Kell
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In working on a design for a server farm involving 3550s, 4506 Sup-IVs,
and a core 6500. The issue of multiple links leaves me with a couple of
basic (possibly stupid) questions. Do you run the links:

* Group 2 or 4 uplinks into an L3 PortChannel, or
* Configure multiple but parallel L3 point-to-points, and let EIGRP do
the load balancing?

I've found that the 3550 and 4500 do not do ip load-sharing per-packet
(which we have used with great success on multiple T1s on a WAN) and I
have a feeling there is more overhead with multiple L3 routes.

* What happens if a link fails? Multiple L3s are predictable, what will
a PortChannel do?

* Is there a preference for channel selection algorithms across those
platforms? (3550 to 4506, 4506 to 6509)

This cannot be an L2 trunk, it has to be point-to-point L3.

Thanks in advance,
Jeff <(E-Mail Removed)>

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