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Re: Simulte user input using doctest

Steven Taschuk
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Quoth Bartolomé Sintes Marco:
> Is it possible to simulate user input in a doctest docstring? For example, I
> want to test if this module writes "Andy" when the user writes "Andy". What
> would be the docstring?
> def askyourname():
> print "What's your name?",
> myname = raw_input()
> print myname

Redefining raw_input as Terry suggested is conceivable. Note,
though, that the simplest approach won't work:

def foo():
>>> def bar():

... return 18
>>> foo()

return bar()

def bar():
return 3

This test fails because the new bar is not defined in any
lexically enclosing scope of foo. You could do, say,

>>> def bar():

... return 18
>>> foo.func_globals['bar'] = bar
>>> foo()


instead, but this is very hackish.

A better approach IMO is to make the function you want to test
more flexible:

def foo(inputfunc=raw_input):
print "What's your name?",
name = inputfunc()
print name

Now you can call foo with your own input function instead of
raw_input, and the test is easy:

>>> foo(inputfunc=lambda: "Andy")

What's your name? Andy

Such a technique can be considered to fall under the principle
"design for testing": write your code in such a way that it's easy
to test. (Advocates of test-driven development will observe that
their methodology produces such code by construction.)

Steven Taschuk Removed)
"Our analysis begins with two outrageous benchmarks."
-- "Implementation strategies for continuations", Clinger et al.

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