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declaration error

Jacob Schmidt
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Could anyone correct the error in my logic here?:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
main ()
const char message1[] = {"\nCurved portion of graph -- D.G.A.C.\
\n A B C"};
const char message2[] = {"\nCurved portion of graph -- R.A.C.\
\n A D E"};
const char message3[] = {"\nCurved portion of graph -- D.G.A.C.\
const char message4[] = {"\nCurved portion of graph R.A.C.\
char ( * const msgptr12 [] ) [] = { message1, message2 };
char ( * const msgptr34 [] ) [] = { message3, message 4};
/* lint gives a type mismatch error for the previous two lines. */
char stringbuf [85];


printf ( "%s", msgptr12 [i] );
numbchar = sprintf (stringbuf, "%s", msgptr34 [i] );
fwrite (stringbuf, numbchar, 1, ofptr);

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. L e e _ S h a c k e
l f o r d @ d o t . c a . g o v
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