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Another style question

E. Robert Tisdale
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Les Cargill wrote:

> I think it's possible to develop
> reasonably objective, nonrandom standards of readability.

I think that it's possible to develop several of them.

Take a look at the indent man page:

Look for the COMMON STYLES header.

> But some things done in the name of readability
> fly in the face of prohibitions against early return,
> some formatting conventions.

You probably need to distinguish
between *coding* styles and *programming* styles.

Coding styles are adequately handled by a program like indent
which will reformat your code for you.
Any attempt to impose a particular coding style is pure mischief.
You should develop or adopt a coding style and -- stick to it!
Consistency is most important in your coding style.
It will help you spot mistakes.
If other programmers need to read, understand and maintain your code,
they will quickly become accustomed to your style
or they will reformat it with indent.

Programming style, on the other hand, is something much more serious.
It's about nothing less than good programming practice --
developing good programming habits and avoiding bad programming habits.
For C programmers, it's about [self]discipline.
Good C programmers try to get their compiler to detect bugs for them.
They also include assertions to help them trap bugs at run time.
They use const to make their code easier for other programmers
to analyze. They avoid global and static variables.
They pass by value or const reference so that other programmers
need not be concerned about whether or not a function call modifies
its actual arguments. etc.

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Rob Somers
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"E. Robert Tisdale" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> Ed Morton wrote:
> > Joona I Palaste wrote:
> >
> >> Can the C beautifier also beautify Java?

> >
> > Maybe, but I wouldn't trust cb with Java or even C++.
> > There are plenty of beautifiers
> > for those and other languages out there though, e.g. take a look at

> >

> Code "beautifiers" are not necessarily [style] reformatters.
> Most beautifiers insert text and embedded printer control sequences
> that your compiler will *not* accept.
> You also need to verify that
> reformatting did not change the meaning of your code.
> Always compile both the original and the reformatted versions
> of your code and verify that the resulting objects are identical.

Ok, how about gnu indent - is it to be trusted?
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E. Robert Tisdale
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Rob Somers wrote:

> Ok, how about gnu indent - is it to be trusted?


But I must admit that I often use it without bothering
to check the emitted code for consistency.

Also, I always modify indent to format my C code
exactly the way I want it.
I probably shouldn't trust my modified version as much as I do
but the C compiler catches most of the mistakes right away
and I have been able to fix the bugs without much trouble.
So far, I haven't had any real problems with it.

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