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[Lang C]Linear Algebra, Calculus In language C with gnuplot.

Bernard Xhumga
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hello, I present my work : a freeware, (Language C, GnuPlot).

Linear algebra : (fractions, 30 packages).

The purpose of this work is to verify with numeric applications, some
properties of the linear algebra.

addm, subm, multm, powm, smultm, transpose, det, minor, mminor, cofactor,
mcofactor, adjoint, inverse, gauss, gaussjordan, LU,
norm,distance,innerproduct,coldim,rowdim, rank,nullity, Inner productin
Mnxn, inner product on R**n generated by A, Weighed Euclidean Inner Produc,
Eigenvalue, Eigenvector, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, similarity.

Calculus : (10 packages)

03 The Derivative : The tangent, The normal, Newton's method, Mean Value

05 Appplications of the definite integral : Area, Solids of revolution.
"Disk", Solids of revolution. "Cylindrical Shells"; The arc length.

The news groups of this work :


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