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Re: *scanf efficiency for patterns

Peter Nilsson
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Christopher Benson-Manica <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<bigcrr$10o$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> How efficient are the *scanf functions when used for pattern matching?

The C Standards do not specify levels of efficiency.

> Specifically, is something like
> const char * my_str = "Hello, world!";
> int m;
> m=sscanf( my_str, "%*[a-zA-Z], %*[a-zA-Z]!" );

Note that the use of - in the scansets is implementation defined. So
your request need not match the way you might expect.

> if( m != 2 ) /* bad string */

This condition is always true as you do not make any conversion

> ...
> faster, slower, or the same as proceeding character by character through the
> string or stream in question?

Try it, if you're interested in wasting time on micro-optimisation.
But the answers are not supportable by the standards, therefore they
are off topic to clc.

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