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why this code does not compile?

Simon Biber
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"CBFalconer" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Ninan Thomas wrote:
> >
> > #define MAX_PATH_NAME 100
> >
> > char audithome[MAX_PATH_NAME];
> >
> > audithome = getenv("AUDITHOME");

> ^^^^^^^^^ ^---------see below for what this returns.
> this is not an lvalue.

It is an lvalue. It is not a modifiable lvalue.

C99 Lvalues, arrays, and function designators
1 An lvalue is an expression with an object type or an
incomplete type other than void;53) if an lvalue does
not designate an object when it is evaluated, the
behavior is undefined. When an object is said to have
a particular type, the type is specified by the lvalue
used to designate the object. A modifiable lvalue is
an lvalue that does not have array type, does not have
an incomplete type, does not have a const-qualified
type, and if it is a structure or union, does not have
any member (including, recursively, any member or
element of all contained aggregates or unions) with a
const-qualified type.


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Ninan Thomas
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Hi all
Thanks for all the replies to this question. I have a follow up question.

I agree
char *audithome = getenv("AUDITHOME");

My question is if i define

char audithome[MAX_PATH_NAME];

and pass it as an argument to any function for example
strcpy (char *, ------

it works. Here the argument is a pointer to char type???
where as it does not work when the function returns a char * type?

for example char *getenv(-------

audithome = getenv("AUDITHOME") Removed) (Ninan Thomas) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> #define MAX_PATH_NAME 100
> char audithome[MAX_PATH_NAME];
> audithome = getenv("AUDITHOME");
> this fails to compile giving an error
> "incompatible types in assignment"
> I am using gcc compiler on Solaris
> REgards
> Ninan

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