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Minimal executable

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I am programming for Windows, using MinGW (GCC 3.2.3) and I have just read
"Techniques for reducing Executable size"
( I want to write the smallest
program with gcc, and I will use neither command line arguments (argc and
argv) nor memory functions (malloc, ...) (I will take advantage of
HeapAlloc) nor exception handling so that I do need the functions that are
called before main(). As a consequence I just wote

int mainCRTStartup()
return 0;

which is exactly 2 048 bytes, telling the linker I did not want any standard
or startup library.

I would like to get even smaller executables, by changing the FILEALIGN and
ALIGN of the executable, as explained in catch22's article. They use, for
Visual C++ 6.0 :

// Make section alignment really small
#pragma comment(linker, "/FILEALIGN:16")
#pragma comment(linker, "/ALIGN:16")

// Merge sections
#pragma comment(linker, "/MERGE:.rdata=.text")
#pragma comment(linker, "/MERGE:.text=.text")
#pragma comment(linker, "/MERGE:.reloc=.text")

How could I "translate" this for the MinGW linker ?


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