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Dev-C++ Newbe question

Dan Pop
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In <(E-Mail Removed)> Removed) (Alf P. Steinbach) writes:

>Spaces in pathnames are not inherently problematic.

They are problematic in any command line environment, because they require
quoting: command line interpreters use space as an argument separator.

>They are problematic
>in practice because (1) in Unix pathnames have conventionally not contained
>spaces, and so many/most Unix programs don't deal correctly with spaces, and


Care to provide some concrete examples?

fangorn:~ 2186> touch "foo bar"
fangorn:~ 2187> ls -l foo\ bar
-rw-r--r-- 1 danpop sysprog 0 Aug 4 19:10 foo bar
fangorn:~ 2188> wc 'foo bar'
0 0 0 foo bar

All the forms of space quoting I could think of have properly worked.
A Unix program couldn't care less about embedded spaces in path names.

OTOH, they can be extremely confusing to the Unix *user*:

fangorn:~/clean 2201> rm *
fangorn:~/clean 2202> touch foo bar
fangorn:~/clean 2203> touch 'foo bar'
fangorn:~/clean 2204> ls
bar foo foo bar

Dan Pop
DESY Zeuthen, RZ group
Email: (E-Mail Removed)
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