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Re: extract the bitmap pattern of font file.

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Richard Bos wrote:
>> eg. font "times new roman", size=12, text="A" , style=bold
>> then the progarm will read the *.ttf file and generate the
>> 00000000
>> 00010000
>> 00101000
>> 01111100
>> 01000100
>> 10000010
>> 00000000

> It is not that easy. In fact, it is not even anywhere near that easy.
> True Type fonts, like PostScript fonts, are not bitmaps but outline
> fonts. You need a rendering engine to create the bitmaps from the
> description

Spotato, you might want to take this to one of the groups, it is entirely off-topic here! But as
a hint, don't bother creating your own render, but let Windows render this
for you! If it is not already, install the font using the API and draw to a
bitmap (either visible or not) - you can extract whatever you need from that
(maybe make some cropping function).

Good luck,

Martijn Haak

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