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Re: Pointer to structure Problems

Robert W Hand
Posts: n/a
On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:11:26 +0100, "Steven Graham" <(E-Mail Removed)>

> What is
>going on. BTW this little psudo-C code summarises my problem. (main is at
>the bottom if you want to start following from there)

<snipped pseudocode>

Pseudocode rarely helps in these type of problems. I have fleshed out
your code into something compilable by Comeau. I've included the
output below.

typedef struct
char item1;
int item2;

void function2(A_STRUCT *dest_struct)
//Put these into the strict that was called by reference
dest_struct->item1 = 'A';
dest_struct->item2 = 1000;

printf("f2: %c\n", dest_struct->item1); //Yey it changed!

void function1(void)
A_STRUCT my_struct = {'B', 1};
printf("f1: %c\n", my_struct.item1);
// This shows my original non-junk values

//now populate the struct

printf("f1: %c\n", my_struct.item1);
// It has have changed!!

int main(void)
return 0;

f1: B
f2: A
f1: A

It seems to work fine here. I would avoid the undefined behavior that
you invoked by not initializing your structure. Is there a difference
between your real code and my code?

Best wishes,

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Steve Graham
Posts: n/a
Not sure what was cauing the problem, my program wasn't a simle DOS app
(custom startup code, loaded from a boot sector etc), what I have done is
create a global struct in the headder file and just using that in all
functions. Not as ellagant but it works. There could be an underlining
problem with this but I can't find the cause.

Thanks for your suggestions and your help
Steven Graham

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