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Re: Comparison of ptrdiff_t

Mike Wahler
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Michael B Allen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news(E-Mail Removed) om...
> If I have two unsigned char * and I compare the difference to a size_t
> like:
> unsigned char *src, *end;
> size_t bufsiz;
> ...
> if ((end - src) > bufsiz) {
> /* error */
> This generates a compiler warning:
> warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

> What is the correct way to make this comparison?

Define 'bufsiz' as type 'ptrdiff_t'.

>Can I just cast bufsiz
> to ptrdiff_t?

Not with always predictable results.

'size_t' is an unsigned type.
'ptrdiff_t' is a signed type.

If the result of a pointer subtraction is negative,
and you cast this result to an unsigned type (e.g. 'size_t',
you'll get an erroneous value).


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