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Re: Output without stdio.h or iostream

Dan Pop
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In <(E-Mail Removed) > Removed) (Gabriel Flemming) writes:

>i heard it wouldn't be possible to build a function that sends output
>(maybe a text string) to the console without using the C/C++
>standard-functions from the standard library (puts,printf or
>is this correct?

Yes, as far as portable programming is concerned.

>or is there any possibility of writing such a function WITHOUT the
>usage of any function from the standard library?

If you *completely* ignore the standard library, how do you expect to
generate any output? OTOH, a non-portable solution that doesn't use
anything from <stdio.h> or its C++ counterpart is trivial to write:

#include <stdlib.h>
system("echo hello, world");

Works on both Unix and DOS, it will probably fail on VMS.

>to me, it doesn't make sense, that it could be impossible to do this,
>because every of the standard functions has to be implemented in the

That code normally uses non-standard library functions that provide the
interface with the operating system primitives. If you dig deep enough,
at some point you'll discover a bit of assembly (e.g. the implementation
of syscall() on most Unix systems).

Dan Pop
DESY Zeuthen, RZ group
Email: (E-Mail Removed)
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