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Re: One C question

Ravi Uday
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      07-02-2003 Removed) (Helen) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> I have already got one C file for matrix inversion,
> so I hope I can build this matrix inversion function into
> some library, so that I can call it from another C file.
> What should I do?
> Where can I find detailed information about that?
> Thanks a lot!

Which IDE are you using ?
If its MSVC then
just add file ( matrix inversion ) to your existing project ( by right
clicking on the project workspace )and the corresponding header if
any. Once done and built you can safely access all the functions
present in that file.

- Ravi
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Kevin Joplin
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Hi there,

>No I am compiling under linux environment
>by gcc

compile sources to the object file format (gcc -c) and than use ar to
build the archive (library).
man ar

Kevin J.
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