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Re: float saving using only N bits

Derk Gwen
Posts: n/a
      06-30-2003 Removed) (Helen) wrote:
# Hello
# I have one float a
# I am trying to write a into a file but only use
# n bits for that, what's the best way to do
# for example
# a=0.391790
# I am trying to use 8 bits for that.

You can try something like
int exp; int fraction = (int)(MAX*frexp(number,&exp));
number =approx= scalb((double)fraction/MAX,exp)

If you want to pack it into that 3 bits exponent + 5 bits fraction, you can have
something like
enum {MAX=32};
int packed = (exp&7)<<5 | fraction;

Derk Gwen
I love the smell of commerce in the morning.
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