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Re: Newbie-Side effects?

Ben Pfaff
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      06-26-2003 Removed) (Richard Bos) writes:

> (E-Mail Removed) (prashna) wrote:
> > I am new to C and I am in a code review project( the review has to
> > be done with respect to some predefined rules)and I came across rule
> > which states "The right hand operand of a && or || operator shall not
> > contain side effects.".Please let me know what are these side effects?

> Joona has already explained what a side effect is; let me add a remark
> about this rule.
> It stinks.
> It stinks to high heaven, because it makes some useful constructs
> impossible for, AFAICT, no good reason at all. For example, it would
> disallow this line:
> while (--lim>0 && (c=getchar())!=EOF && c!='\n')
> s[i++]=c;

Interestingly, it would also disallow
while (x-- > 0 && getchar() != EOF)
because getchar() has side effects of its own regardless of what
is done with the return value.
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--Uday Joshi
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