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Problem with GCC 3.3 and pasting in macros

Dan Pop
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In <bdcgn9$6jh$(E-Mail Removed)> Joona I Palaste <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>If the code compiles cleanly with both ## in place in GCC 2.95, then
>GCC 2.95 is broken, although I think now Dan Pop will chime in and
>accuse me of not engaging my brain.

Your guess is right! Undefined behaviour requires no diagnostic and we
have a case of undefined behaviour here. Both versions of gcc are doing
the right thing.

>I don't think you even *can* pass variable arguments to a macro in
>standard C. If you can in GCC, then it's a GCC feature, not a C feature.

Please engage your brain *now* and explain us where are the variable
arguments in OP's examples. AFAICT, the macro was defined with three
parameters and invoked with three arguments, a perfect match.

BTW, C99 supports macros with a variable argument list.

Dan Pop
DESY Zeuthen, RZ group
Email: Removed)
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