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Re: Data Dictionary and Code Generator

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"Simon Biber" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<3ef7add1$0$9355$(E-Mail Removed) u>...

> This could be useful. I guess it parses static/extern for
> functions and objects, and only includes declarations of ones
> with external linkage, and auto-generates include guards, etc.


> Loop iterators are reinitialised at the start of each
> for statement. Why not just make them global variables?

ha! I experimented with that once, with disastrous results, and
learned to stay away from that. I was using a shared buffer instead,
but this loop iterator is an example of why it didn't work. Let's say
function 1 executes function 2 in a loop, incrementing i every time.
and function 2 calls function X in a loop, incrementing i every time.
bam! bzzt! that's all she wrote.

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